An Indian Take on Party Snacks

Indian party snacks for guests

From guests that arrived at home as a surprise, to late-night snacks at sleepovers and eventually to impromptu house parties, we’ve, at least once in our lives had to do ‘jugaad’ with snacks and sweets that we sneaked in the house from the nearby shop, or if your mom always expected guests, rushed to the cabinet (that was off-limits to you other-wise) to build a tray of goodies for your guests.

That tray of goodies was not the usual trail-mix of snacks that we’d like to gorge on as teens, but was usually a well thought out array to almost showcase the quality of food you would eat everyday - to the guest. (Much like the special cutlery you’d get out for the guests)

And this has stuck with us as we grew into adulthood. While the concept of party snacks came from the West, growing up with chips and dips, and instant foods, in multiple parties and get-togethers, we found our way around the concept to bring out an Indian take on it. With the incredible fusion of tradition and convenience, we found our way through years of experimenting, of making mini versions of our most loved foods and make them stick as party staples.

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Desh Mera Rangeela

“Diverse” being the best term to define a country consisting of so many different moods and cultures. The one festival that best represents our motherland in all its ‘colours’ so to say, is HOLI. Not only in the variety of the different shades of colours, but also in the several unique and hatke ways in which it is being celebrated in different parts of the country.

Let’s take a look at few colourful versions of the festival of colours:

1. Voila! Our very own CARNIVAL!

The Shigmo festival or the “Shigmotsav” as it is fondly called, is a 14 day long stretch of cultural practices in the state of Goa to bid adieu to winter and welcome spring. There are two forms of the Shigmostsav. DhaktoShigmo, which is celebrated by the rural population and VhadloShigmo celebrated by mostly everyone. The spectacular parades depicting a mix of traditional dances, art forms, ‘dhwajas’ or flags narrating scenes from regional mythology, acts as the major attraction of the festival. 

Shigmo Festival(Sources: The Hindu,

2. Yaosang-A sporting fest?!

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Foods that remind us of our childhood

As adults we all want to go back to the simpler times, when coming home from school would mean piping hot lunch, a picnic out in the park meant finger sandwiches, a guests arrival would mean a glimpse of the best snacks in the house (See ‘An Indian Take on Party Snacks’) and our relatives return from abroad would mean a chance to taste flavours from the world.

While our childhood was also met with disappointment, when the biscuit tin held sewing supplies, when the local gola seller did not have your favourite flavour, or the chai-wala did not have the biscuit you always bought, with the onset of consumerism in the 90’s, we could always count on our favourite food brands to make us happy. While home-made food in our tiffins at school always was perfect (only if it wasn’t bhindi), the snacks that accompanied were a hit, and a sense of pride that elicited jealousy and led to barters.

Ice Gola(Source: TOI)

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Gift the Personnalite!

Tohfa(Source: Freepik)

The importance of loved ones, in our life is immense. Staying alongside them in their good and bad times, showering them with unconditional love throughout, while all of this can never be replaced as the best ways to convey how much they mean to you but once a while gifting them something is also a lovely initiative to brighten up their lives.

All these people in our lives possess some qualities and characteristics which are unique to just them and their personality. Some adorable, some annoying :)

Usually while buying a gift, we keep in mind the likes and dislikes of the person, but why not surprise them by gifting them something which matches their own personality!

Here, we present you few gifting ideas to match with the personality of you loved ones:

1.       For the Teekhi Mirch!

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