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Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir)

About Pahalwan's
Yearning for some authentic and traditional sweets? Indulge in the exclusive sweets galore at Pahalwan’s also well known by Pahalwan di Hatti for its authentic Indian sweets in Jammu and Kashmir since 1934.

The delicious cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir is a foodie’s heaven, and this decades old sweet shop adds to this deliciousness and pride of J&K. Their journey from a traditional milk shop to a modern sweet shopis no less than a story of motivation.Talking about authenticity and hygiene they follow vigorously, their generation have carried forward the quality values consistently and have established one of the most hygienic and automated manufacturing units in Sanjay Nagar.

They have also received an award in 1952 by the then Prime Minister of J&K Jenab Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah for their consistence in quality. The 83 years old sweet shop with their vast experience surely knows a thing about how to entice their customers and treat them to the best of Indian tradition, i.e. Indian sweets! With an array of sweets available here, don’t miss out to try their famous Dudh Barfi and Patisa Lachedar which are simply irresistible.

We, at Moipot bring you the heart of Jammu’s USP right at your doorstep. Order today and let the deliciousness rule your taste buds!