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Mumbai (Maharashtra)

About FabBox
Food is the most talked about and thought about aspect of human society. Well, the truth is, it is both an essential pillar for survival and also a recreational aspect of civilized and progressive human intellect. It is both a necessity and a luxury, a true paradox. But with Fab Box this paradox is made into certainty as the brand abides by the catchphrase of " Healthy can be Yummy". Fab Box is an online subscription box to shop for snacks and other munchies. To provide the best quality snacks to the customers is the main objective of the brand. The quality and luxury of the snacks are well admixed with their delicious tastes all while keeping a close eye on the calorie-meter and health-meter. The delivery of these healthy and delicious snack boxes, filled with savouries like nuts, dates, chew bars and many more, to your door step to make your every snack time a happy holiday time, is what Fab Box vouches to bestow.