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Azad Sweets
Ajmer (Rajasthan)

About Azad Sweets
Indians are sweet people in general, and so it is no wonder that the country has so much to offer to those with a sweet tooth. No matter, wherever you travel across the country, there is always something everywhere to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Right from the heart of the historic city of Ajmer, Moipot brings to you tasty delectable from the centuries old Azad Sweets. Established by two visionaries with a dream in their eyes to serve the people with varied types of sweets, namkeens and other traditional eatables, they offer the best and exotic Indian taste.

Sweet is something that has been associated with divine pleasure since time immemorial. For generations, people savour it with perfect élan and gusto! Azad Sweets with a wide range of dishes, authentic taste, and quality worked their magic on the people of Ajmer and the city fell in love with them. One of their renowned specialty is ‘Sohan Halwa’, the recipe of which is the secret of their forefathers thus helping them to chase their passion for quality. With a long history spanning 5 centuries, the famous sweet from Ajmer has traveled from Persia to the Indian sub-continent and now to your houses via the prominent shop Azad Sweets which is now a household name as well! Bon Appetite!