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K. C. Das
Kolkata (West Bengal)

About K. C. Das
From the lanes of Kolkata to the temples of Puri to the power corridors of the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Rossogollas have always remained the favourite sweet of people for over a century. Presenting to you super-sinful, quintessential Bengali dessert straight from the truly legendary sweets brand – ‘The K. C. Das and family’ who have their roots set in the city of Kolkata since ages.
Gooey, perfect flavours, authentic taste, and tender texture – we simply cannot define Rossogollas better than that! While many of us might have cherished the ever-so-lovely delicacy, we are sure you might not have tasted these white, spherical balls of sugary deliciousness straight from the inventors K. C. Das sweet shop. The legend goes that the spongy, sugary sweet was invented by Nobin Chandra Das, who even till date is remembered by sweet-lovers as the ‘Columbus of Rossogollas’.
Inheriting the passion from his father, the founder Krishna Chandra Das set-up this shop and since then the lovers cannot seem to have enough of the sweet. Following his father’s foot-steps he invented rosso malai and also introduced tinned rossogollas for the first time in India.
Prepared through a traditional, no-fail, timeless recipe, you can find a variety of other delectable specialities like rossogolla, rossomalai, sondesh, rajbhog, kheermohan, soan papdi, and canned rossogolla. Order this true ‘game changer’ in the way of sweets from Moipot and discover unmatched sweetness today! Get ready to make the child within you giggle with glee.