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Badam Pista Ghari

500 Gram| Veg

In stock

from Shah Jamnadas Ghariwala

Quick Overview

An extremely rich and delicious sweet, ghari is one such delectable which can make you crave for it anytime. A soul touching savour for the sweet lovers, badam pista ghari by Jamnadas C. Ghariwala has a nutty Badami (almonds) filling with a dash of pista (pistachio) combined with purest of ghee, buru (powdered sugar). We bet, this will leave a scrummy aftertaste in your mouth for long!

Product Description

Additional Info

Unit Gram
Shelf Life 7 days
City Surat
Seller Shah Jamnadas Ghariwala

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Question And Answer

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  • 1. Do you Deliver this product at Bangalore ? and if do so how much time it will take to reach? 2. How many pieces contain in 500 grams?
  • 1. Yes, we deliver to Bangalore. The delivery takes approximately 2 to 5 working days from the date of dispatch. 2. Approximately, 6 pieces would be there in 500 gms of ghari.


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