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Vadodara (Gujarat)

About Whola
Do you struggle with healthy eating… because you are not really sure how it will taste? Well then, how about trying delicious, wholesome after snack munchies, healthy granolas and roasted snacks which are nutritive as well as tasty by Whola!

Whola, a brand since 2009 has changed the face of snacking in India by providing healthier options like home-style baked products, flax seed munchies, granola, spice mixes, cereals and much more. They offer tasty granolas for breakfast which are not mass-produced and are very unique in the market, making your diet journey fun and enjoyable.

Their nibbling products – mouth fresheners, are not only perfect after-meal accompaniment but are also loaded with nutrients vital for improving many physiological functions as well as the onset of diseases. The people at Whola work hard to bring a healthier twist of taste by giving a whole new charm to their products. The lip-smacking range of healthy mouth fresheners, snacks and bites are quite commendable. The healthy twist which they bring in it gives it a complete makeover.

All in all, Whola makes for a brand that you can rightly treat yourself to the flavours of mouth fresheners and are pure to its very taste and tradition. Too busy to make your way down to the store? You need not fret for, you can now order online from Moipot which brings all the delicious post-meal refreshments under one roof for you to relish.

At the end of the day, it’s cool to be healthy, come what may!