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The Earth Reserve
Bangalore (Karnataka)

About The Earth Reserve
The Earth Reserve is a collection of homemade and handmade products that are all natural or certified organic, traditionally inspired and wholesome. The entire collection is free of artificial colours, artificial flavors, synthetic preservatives and flavor enhancers. Free of chemical additives, The Earth Reserve collection will always strive to maintain its natural purity and goodness which is inspired by traditional recipes and which uses local ingredients, making it truly rare!

What is also extremely interesting is the type of products offered by The Earth Reserve. Be it fruit jams, preserves or pickles, each product is made of exotic fruits and vegetables, and have unique combinations.

Each of these natural wonders is prepared by talented homemakers in plantations in Coorg and Mudur in rural Karnataka, and in Kerala. These fruits and vegetables are not cultivated with fertilizers and pesticides, but simply grow wild, and the only sprays it receives are the cool hill station monsoon showers!

The Earth Reserve strives to encourage and support homemakers and farmers who follow sustainable practices. It combines people, culture and knowledge in unusual ways to encourage Natural Living, and bring goodness, health, environmental consciousness and inspiration in their products.

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