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The Earth Reserve
Bangalore (Karnataka)

About The Earth Reserve
The Earth Reserve finds its origins in the tradition and roots of India, an old school company, the ingredients are handpicked locally and produced by local home makers without any artificial materials. Not only is it good for the nature and our health but also provides an income for local home makers from Karnataka and Kerala.

A diverse product range which includes Jams & Preservatives, Pastas as well as Soaps and Shampoos, the product can help you detoxify your life from usage of pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals while engaging your taste buds and your skin to the flavors and advantages of natural products. The company prides itself in the nature of its production where each batch of product is freshly prepared to give the best quality to the consumers. In their own words, their motto is to “bring you the products just the way nature intended them”.

At The Earth Reserve, the aim is to take your sensory organs to a heavenly abode. From mulberry (shahtoon) preserve to spiced pineapple jams to a delectable combination of sweet and spicy pickles consisting of raw mango (aam), cherries and kanthari pickle and the unique Lovilovi plums and birds’ eye chilly pickle can add a bit of zest to your everyday meals. To top it off they have a truly unique papad collection with Jackfruit, millet and organic banana papad to add variety to your meal.

In a world where going back to your roots is trending, The Earth Reserve represents everything that a brand and a company should strive to be. A product range which is made of entirely natural products with no added preservatives and no chemicals, it is a proud preserver of our heritage.