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Shah Jamnadas Ghariwala
Surat (Gujarat)

About Shah Jamnadas Ghariwala
Surat is known for its diamond and textiles hub around the world and is also popular for its umpteen food options. One such popular Surati sweet dish from the Gujarati cuisine is Ghari. Embrace this unique sweet dish made from milk 'mawa', ghee, sugar, and sweet fillings on special occasions and mainly during Chandani Padva/Sharad Poonam.

Jamnadas C. Ghariwala is a very popular local store in Surat famous for its classic and authentic Ghari. The long and fruitful journey of Shri Jamnadas C. Ghariwala started even before independence. With a humble beginning by making Ghari from sooji, they became quite famous when they brought a change in the ingredients and started using mawa as their main element.

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