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Surat (Gujarat)

About Palfrey
“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” – Betheny Frankel

In an ever changing world, people have started to realize the importance of the above statement and it absolutely resounds what Palfrey is all about. Palfrey is good food, good investment and healthy snacks. It has redefined the fact that healthy snacks and food can be tasty with its range of soya (soy) products and seeds products, which are good for the gut and yum for the tongue.

Palfrey has an exciting and long list of products which cater to one and all. It takes care of your early morning nutrition with its soy milk powder, which is available in sugar-free version as well while its roasted soya (soy) bean can act as a snack for every occasion.

Their nutritious seeds are even better, with a range of seeds consisting of chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and many more; it is a treasure house of nutrients. The seeds can even be used as “Mukhwas” which is traditionally preferred as an after-meal snack in India and can bring your meal to a healthy end.

Palfrey can sort out your meals on a daily basis, serving you with vital nutrients and vitamins with products, which are healthy and tasty. Products from palfrey not only revitalize your body, they also help fight various diseases. Palfrey products can serve as a beginning to your journey into a holistic and healthy eating. In a world where every person is looking for the next investment to make, make yours by choosing Palfrey in your fitness journey and make your health your priority today.