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Mohanlal S. Mithaiwala
Mumbai (Gujrat)

About Mohanlal S. Mithaiwala
It is said that the way to a person’s heart is through food. If we were to be specific, we would say that the way to a person’s heart is through sweets, Indian sweets in particular. ‘Mohanal S. Mithaiwala’ decided to do just that. With the aim of bringing the finest quality sweets to the people of our country, the iconic Mohanlal S. Mithaiwala was established in Mumbai in April,1991 as a family business. Initially started with a small group of customers, they now have loyal customers spread out in the country as well as abroad. With over fifty years of experience, the company has been serving delectable sweets including the famous Bombay halwa, the sandwich halwa, ice halwa, fruit halwa as well as badam halwa in addition to sweets made of dry fruits including kaju katli, anarkali, badam roll etc. Barfi, Soan papdi, Laddoos and Mohanthal are also some of the traditional sweets the company aces at.

If you were to ask someone about the Ice halwa, you would hardly come across a person who hasn’t heard of it. The packaging of the Bombay halwa is carefully designed to keep its shape and flavour intact. The company has created a bright box with perfectly sized pieces of paper kept between two pieces of halwa to ensure that these pieces do not stick to each other. Further this is again packed with paper so that when the consumer opens the box with anticipation, sweet delight that satisfies the taste buds is guaranteed.

The company supplies their mouthwatering sweets to leading caterers, hotels, and sweet shops so that when a person craves for Bombay halwa, the best by Mumbai's ‘Mohanlal S. Mithaiwala is available on Moipot to order for you!