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Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

About Marshmelts
Who doesn’t love a scrumptious bowl of a dessert? Just the thought of ice-cream, marshmallows, strawberry, orange and vanilla flirtatiously teasing your palette in-between innumerable fruity flavors gives goosebumps.

Have you experienced a bad day and just a packet full of delicious marshmallows could repair all the day's stress? Well, for all the marshmallow lovers out there, Marshmelts’ marshmallows are an absolute delight for you all! Born out of the sheer love and passion of offering fresh and delicious gourmet marshmallows to the discerning clients of India, they bring you fresh products made using the best ingredients and under highest quality standards.

Marshmelts Marshmallows are painstakingly crafted by hand using natural food colours extracted from beetroot, spinach, paprika, and coffee. Moipot, one of the most authentic online marketplace for traditional food, brings you an amazing product of passionate perfection from Marshmelts. This instantly mouth-melting dessert will ensure that you relish sweet treats with your loved ones while making memories for the rest of your life.