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Lily Aunty's
Mumbai (Maharashtra)

About Lily Aunty's
Established by a passionate and hardworking lady, Mitchelle Carvalho, Lily Aunty’s is well known for its range of dry masala powder and curry pastes. The addition of their curry paste in curries and fry dishes makes you nostalgic with a taste just like your mom and grand mom.

The magic of their home like taste lies in the process of making the paste. The spices used go through a stringent process of cleaning, sun-drying, pulverizing, roasting, frying, grinding and mixing to make the ultimate curries that are beyond the ordinary curry one can find in the market today.

Not just deliciousness, curry pastes by Lily Auntys’ factor high on versatility too. They can easily be used to prepare various types of cuisines, be it vegetarian or non vegetarian.

Lily Aunties is more just a business. It becomes all the more meaningful for the founders as their company, Earning with Dignity, as goes by the name hires victims of domestic violence to work and thereby, helps them achieve financial stability and independence.