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Kandee Factory
Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

About Kandee Factory
There are countless reasons we miss our growing up years, but the sweetest of them all was stashed in the candy aisle which made our childhood all the more exciting. Sometimes we wish we could go back to the time when the candies were sweet, sour, simple and readily available everywhere.

Take a trip down the memory lane with the iconic sweet treats from Kandee Factory which will help you feel nostalgic each time you take a bite of the delectable sugar candies. Every candy in their boutique is hand-crafted and packaged with love, perfect for giving as a gift or treating yourself. Christmas and sugar candies go hand in hand. All year people wait for this festival to devour their favourite candies and turn into a candy-loving kid again! The beautifully hand-crafted sugar candies from Kandee Factory make charming gifts during Christmas.

They master the 250-year-old process of making gourmet sugar candy intertwining with the contemporary concepts to bring out delicious sweets that are just as beautiful to look as they are to taste. Using hygienic methods, double refined sugar, high-quality natural candy colours and essential oils they weave magic in their products. Explore the gourmet candy collection form Kandee Factory on Moipot and enjoy the delectable flavours as much as they enjoy creating it!