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New Delhi (Delhi)

About Kaleva
Formed in 1986, Kaleva Sweets is a fourth generation sweet shop in the heart of Delhi. With expertise in sweets, namkeens and other eatables, kaleva can satisfy your taste buds with a variety of more than 1000 items. An ardent believer in traditions, Kaleva Sweets wants no customer to go back unsatisfied and has products and items for each and every occasion. From the milk based sweets of east to the royal sweets of west, the spicy namkins of the north to the delectable paks of the south, each item is prepared in a hygienic kitchen and served with care and affection to the customers.

With roots in Bikaner, Rajasthan; the land of the royals, Kaleva has a certain affinity and expertise to the traditional royal sweets like Ghevar, variety of laddoos and various dry fruit based sweets like Kajubarfis, rolls; often known as the royal sweets. A bite of the same will certainly make you feel like a royal. With 5 stores in Delhi, availability on various online portals and a reputation of being the best, Kaleva sweets is the best place to satisfy your craving for sweets with certainty that it has been prepared in a hygienic environment and by professionals. For people who don’t have a sweet tooth, its variety of namkeens, pickles and even packaged food like Dal-Makhni, Shahi Paneer or Channa Masala can be your cure to craving some delectable food.

Not only is Kaleva leader in sweets and Namkeens, Kaleva Sweets has been BSI certified and its quality management system is ISO certified which speaks in itself about the quality environment and systems in place at the shop.

In a world fast switching to the western world, come explore the taste of your roots at Moipot with Kaleva and become spellbound to authenticity.