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Ganesh Gruh Udyog
Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

About Ganesh Gruh Udyog
While there are only few brands out there which manage to nibble at the edge of the market, Ganesh Gruh Udyog has earned quite a stable position in the center of the plate. Established in 1997 in Ahmedabad as a small scale wholesaler, they have come a long way in two decades. The booming demand for their much-loved products have led them to scale up their venture in both wholesale and retail. They now manufacture around 160 variety of namkeens.

Their core features which set them apart are 100% Jain items, different flavoured banana wafers, and the automated machine packaging. Because of the outstanding quality and distinct taste they have carved a niche for themselves in no time. If you would like to taste their authentic and popular snack items, you can now order it from Moipot – an online e-commerce platform and relish your favourite food sitting at home!

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