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Eat Soya
Surat (Gujarat)

About Eat Soya
Welcome to the world of nutritious plant based vegan food!

Eat Soya is the leading manufacturer of soya based food products like Soya Paneer (Tofu), Roasted Soyabean, Soy Milk Powder, Soya Nuts, etc. Eat Soya combines the benefits of being extremely healthy, ready-to-eat and quality snack.

On the health front, Eat Soya has a product range that combines the benefits of being gluten free, cholesterol free, lactose free and sugar free. Being rich in proteins, vitamins & minerals, this 100% vegan food boosts immune system and promotes digestive health.

Eat Soya is more than just a business. In today’s scenario when people have limited time to pay attention to their health, Eat Soya is an ultimate solution to bring Plant based vegan food to the people with the combined benefits of convenience, health and variety of Ready to Eat Soya Product Range.

Whether it is to enjoy the Soya Munchies as evening snacks or to indulge in the health benefits of Soya food, Eat Soya has it all! Apart from Soya Nuts, they also have a delicious range of flavored Soya Milk Powders. This amazing combo of tasty and healthy snacks is just a click away on Moipot.