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Dakshin's Spicy Powders
Bangalore (Karnataka)

About Dakshin's Spicy Powders
Authentic South India cuisine is well known for its sophisticated use of spices and herbs. Now a days there are several commercial manufacturers who prepare and sell ready-made masala powders which can be bought at any super market. But these types of ready-made spice powders do not retain their flavour for long as whole spices always are much fresh and better. It is always best to use freshly roasted spices as their flavours are fresh and enhances the taste of the dish to a great extent.

Why do you want to do it at home when there are 'n' brands available in market easily. Well, the reply is ‘home-made’ is always ‘home-made’. There is no preservative added and they really add flavours & fragrance to the food.

Dakshin's Spicy Powders are prepared by South Indian Brahmins at their home-kitchen certified for FSSAI standards. The spices used in Dakshin's Spicy Powders are for making various dishes to give highly aromatic, naturally fresh and makes the dish taste wonderful. Why they are so tasty! Because they prepare every time only 5 to 10 kgs of powders. So they are as fresh as you prepare at your kitchen. Each time and every time, after preparing the powder, they taste it for quality and if they are satisfied then only they release it for packing & sending to the customer.

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