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Camp Purohit Sweets
Belgaum (Karnataka)

About Camp Purohit Sweets
The year 1952 saw the beginning of what would go down in history as the setting up of one of the most iconic sweet shops in southern India. Located in Belgaum, Karnataka Camp Purohit Sweets is the specialist in the making of the delectable Kunda. They have a shop with a bright red board with a white font that is hard to miss for anyone walking on the road. The smell of milk boiling with sugar and khava mixed according to a secret recipe passed onto generations of the Camp Purohit family makes the mouth salivate. The fabled secret recipe has a touch of cardamom and some dry fruits. All of this is mixed in calculated proportions to take your taste buds on a joy ride to sweet heaven, or should we say Kunda heaven?

Kunda is not its only forte though. Belagavi’s Camp Purohit Sweets is also known for making a mean kardant. The sweet which finds its roots in medieval India has been perfected by the Belgaum family and is an ideal complement to the Kunda and a delight for the customers’ tastebuds.

Worried you will have to travel too much to get your share of Kunda? Fret not. Camp Purohit has your issue sorted. With eight stores and their delicious kunda and kardant also being available on food delivery portal, your craving will definitely be satisfied.

The legends of Kunda making, Camp Purohit Sweets recently transformed and overhauled their packaging to meet the demands of the sweet internationally. Now you can get you Kunda in tin packaging sealed with vacuum so that the sweets remain in their best condition for a long period of time. Intending to please and satisfy the needs of our precious customers, we now ship to countries all over the world.

For Kunda lovers residing in states other than Karnataka, Moipot will take care of your cravings. Log on to, pick your sweet and behold as you get your favorite sweet within two to five working days. You can thank us later!