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Brownie Heaven
Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

About Brownie Heaven
Stuck with same old choice of ice-creams and cakes for a dessert or birthday celebrations again? Want to try something new and out-of-the-box? Nothing is more comfortable than warmed up chocolate brownie with hot chocolate sauce topped with vanilla ice-cream!

Surrender to your sugar rush with standout flavours of enticing brownies by Brownie Heaven. Believe us folks, the brownies here are irresistible and our sweet-tooth cravings need to be treated only by the best. Born out of the sheer passion to do something more than a regular 9 to 5 job in the hotels the mastermind behind the Brownie Heaven is a dessert wizard. Who would have thought that his little business venture, would one day grow up to contribute phenomenally to the culinary landscape of a city that has no dearth of delicious offerings. All the freshly made sinful decadence are made from choicest ingredients while maintaining very high standards in quality, creativity, and presentation. They don’t serve regular brownies, but they serve an experience in the form of 22 exciting flavours.

Made with absolute no preservatives, we now know where to order the yummiest brownies for all our cravings!!When you think brownies, think Brownie Heaven. Order from Moipot – one of the best online marketplace for all sort of traditional food and relish the gooiest blocks of heaven today. It’s time to dig and tuck!