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Pune (Maharashtra)

About Bakelite
Good Ol’ bakery items are always around! Your companion when there is nothing else in the kitchen. Bakery products are such a common and tasty food items in our house. Yearning for some delicious bakery items? Indulge in the baked goodness with Bakelite.

A pit-stop for an array of bakery products with different flavours and taste like cookies, khari, toast, chakali, cream rolls, and much more. And the best part is, they are all healthy! The aroma of freshness, delicious and unmatched quality of the food will remind you of the special times you have spent with your friends and family and help you create new memories of togetherness!

So what’s great about their products? Well, to be honest, you will not understand their greatness till you taste it yourself. Raise a toast to good times with their crispy and delicious savouries which are tea’s best companion and even your favourite snacks. Offering the finest quality products to their customers along with a dash of twist in each, they strive to maintain the freshness, flavours, textures and innovation to meet the ever changing taste of the patrons.

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