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What is Moipot?

A nostalgic rendezvous with sweet memories!


India is a land of legendary delicacies that has been an incredible part of every Indian’s diet since time immemorial. There is no elixir on this blessed earth like the sweet indulgence with favorite savories, deliciousness in the moment, childhood memories and that grin-inducing feeling of getting lost in the goodness of tasty treats!


Reminisce with those renowned foodstuffs and relive the flavorful memories with Moipot! Take a trip down the memory lane while you explore India’s authentic delicacies like sweets, snacks, cookies, biscuits, namkeen, pickles, pastes, masalas, beverages, sharbats, mouth fresheners, mukhvas, granolas, healthy mixes, sugarfree items and much more. Bursting with scrumptious sweets and delectable options of snacks, these tasty goodies will surely add a dash of sweetness in your celebrations even when you are away from home!


People who love to eat are always the best people and we are targeting all those urban foodies who miss their favorite food when they are travelling or have migrated from their hometown. Embracing your love for food, we promise to deliver joy at your doorstep and make your days or celebrations special.   


Fuelled by passion, Driven by the love for food, Moipot is an online e-commerce marketplace endowed by two young enthusiasts to give all the foodies a unique gastronomical experience! Our aim is to provide an online service to deliver authentic regional foodstuffs that you crave the most but are difficult to find locally.


It's time to tingle your tastebuds while you rekindle with love for food with Moipot! Explore your favorite foods from all the original producers and give us a chance to deliver joy. We deliver much more than sweet or salty treats, we deliver nostalgic happiness!



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